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By Edward Baker | Wordpress For Joomla

Nov 16
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If you write blogs on other people’s websites, you may be ready to start your own website and place your blogs on that. Some people use a WordPress blog whilst others use a Joomla Blog but both are Ok as long as you are happy with them. Although the WordPress website platform is the most popular as more than 20% of the websites on the internet are thought to have been created using it, Joomla is also popular and has more features than the WordPress platform.

Unlike when the internet first came online, you no longer need to know HTML coding in order to create a website, these platforms do the coding automatically for you, allowing you to spend your time working on the design of the website and the information on it. WordPress is the most popular website platform because it is the easiest to use and needs no knowledge of coding what so ever. The Joomla platform is also easy to use and perhaps the main reason why this has been downloaded more than 5 million times is the fact that it offers more features than the WordPress platform but for the more advanced features some coding knowing could be advantageous. There are other website platforms and Prudal is one of them which is a very powerful tool which has made it popular also but it is more often popular with experienced website developers as some knowledge or understanding of coding is needed to create a website.

The main website platforms though will allow you to easily design a homepage and any other pages you may want on your website and will also allow you to create a site plan so visitors to your site can quickly and easily find whatever they may be looking for. The website platform though will not allocate you a domain name, for that you will have to find a host website that is prepared to connect your website to the internet. Although some of these host sites are free, most of the better ones will have a fee that you will have to pay each month, the good news is though the fee is usually no more than $5 per month and so is affordable to most people, especially considering that most of the website platforms are free.

Your host website will allow you to choose a domain or website name and when doing so you should remember that it is best to get one that is both appropriate and catchy so that people will easily be able to remember it. Although you may think of a name for your website that you like, do not be surprised if it has already been taken as there are after all, over 150 million websites already in existence, all of which have their own individual names. You will think of a good name though, one which isn’t already taken, it just may not be your first choice. If it isn’t taken though, the first name you think of is often the best.

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